Who we are

‘Icelandic’ and ‘Icelandic Seafood’ are leading global brands that have been closely linked with the Icelandic seafood industry for more than 75 years.

With its miles of rugged coastline and pure North Atlantic waters, Iceland is an island where resourcefulness has always been key to survival. Our nation’s relationship with the sea is an enduring one. For centuries, we have lived off fresh Icelandic fish. Nutritious and full of flavour, it has helped make us into the strong, proud and healthy nation we are today.

This natural wonder of the world is surrounded by an abundance of marine life, yet home to just 360,000 people.

Very much aware that we are part of a natural, balanced ecosystem, we have the greatest respect for our pristine environment. The purity and unspoiled nature of our seas, land and the air we breathe is mirrored in the seafood and related products we bring to the world's table.

Icelandic's mission is to increase the export value and facilitate market access of Icelandic seafood products by focusing on its high quality, sustainability and Icelandic origin therefore justifying premium prices.
As a government owned entity, we take great pride in representing and empowering the Icelandic seafood industry, as well as protecting Icelandic nature.

All profits will be reinvested in marketing and special initiatives aimed at supporting, developing and positioning Icelandic seafood as a premium quality product and maximizing utilization of Icelandic seafood products.

Icelandic Board of Directors
Þorkell Sigurlaugsson Chairman
Auður Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Birna Hafstein
Hrafn Hlynsson

Managing Director
Bergþóra Halldórsdóttir Contact us

Project Manager
Sigríður Ragnarsdóttir Contact us

What we do

We are a global brand that represents high-quality seafood and seafood-related products.

We give exporters, importers and producers access to leading global seafood brands and brand assets through exclusive licensing agreements. Our partners get quality information and guidelines, full marketing support, material and tools that can be used to communicate the Icelandic brand and the quality products it represents. Our focus is on the finest fish and seafood-related products that fit the purpose of outstanding restaurants and retailers, and appeal to discerning consumers across the world.

Having been a part of the fishing industry for more than 75 years, we have access to an extensive network of processing, sales and marketing companies worldwide, which benefits businesses who aim to bring quality seafood to their customers.

About icelandic

What we stand for

We have integral knowledge of how to guarantee the quality of our products and how to communicate their benefits. We also work continuously with our partners on minimising our carbon footprint, limiting waste and ensuring that our high standards of sustainability and quality are met.

This expertise and responsibility in action allows us to offer a brand licensing model to parties who share our vision of uncompromising quality.

We only work with companies that are committed to meeting ethical, social, and environmental commitments.

About icelandic

Our story

The origin of the trademark Icelandic can really be traced
to the efforts of one man.

Jón Gunnarsson was born in 1900 and grew up in northwest Iceland. The life of common Icelanders at the start of the 20th century was a far cry from what European and American urbanites were used to, but that did not stop Gunnarsson from getting an education and ultimately graduate as an engineer from the prestigious MIT.

From an early age, Gunnarsson was a visionary. When he couldn’t find work as an engineer in Iceland, he founded an egg farm on a small piece of land on the outskirts of Iceland’s capital and taught mathematics in secondary school.

Gunnarsson then assumed the position of Director General of the government-run herring factories. From there, his dedication to the seafood industry led him to found Coldwater Seafood after serving eight years at the herring factories.

Through Coldwater Seafood, Gunnarsson established a vast network of sales agents, or brokers, throughout the continental US and applied for the ICELANDIC trademark. In addition, he created a visual brand for Icelandic seafood products and advertised extensively overseas. Gunnarsson knew that the foundation of a successful brand is the quality of the product, and so, he lobbied for a better fisheries industry in Iceland, for the benefit of the valuable international market.

His standards were high: exported fish had to be boneless, free from parasites, and properly filleted. According to Gunnarsson’s colleagues, his efforts not only revolutionised processes in Iceland, but influenced quality control in the US and Canada as well.

Gunnarsson’s vision and commitment to
quality is a legacy that Icelandic strive to honour every day.

About icelandic

Could we work together?

Our vision and business ethos is important to us. We are always looking for partners who share our philosophy. Past, present and future, our four core values continue to define who we are and what we do:


We respect our natural environment, our partners only source fish from sustainable fisheries and never sell products of endangered or protected species. We and our partners are determined to minimise our carbon footprint and sustain a natural, balanced ecosystem.


As a nation of fishermen and women, we have stories to tell. Our fishing tradition dates back centuries, it’s a way of life, and everyone in Iceland has a connection to it in one way or another.


Robust and reliable, Icelanders can be trusted to rise to the challenge. Honest, open, straightforward and friendly in our approach, we value customer satisfaction above all and are always ready to prioritise your needs.

Finest quality

Pure quality from the purest waters. Our focus is the finest fish and seafood for retailers, restaurants and consumers. The purity and unspoiled nature of our environment is mirrored in the brand we bring to the world’s table.