ICELANDIC brand to combine efforts with Promote Iceland

Press release - 2nd July 2020

Promote Iceland will oversee the management of the trademark and brand ICELANDIC and ICELANDIC SEAFOOD from July 1st onwards. This will include daily supervision, marketing, and legal protection of the brand, under an agreement from 2018, when the Iceland Enterprise Fund gifted the brand to Iceland's government for safekeeping on behalf of the Icelandic nation. The brand is currently used to market seafood from Iceland sold by High Liner Foods in North-America, and Iberica and Iceland Seafood in Southern Europe.

Agreement with Brim’s Asian Subsidiaries for Sales with the ICELANDIC Trademarks

A framework agreement has been signed with the Icelandic companies in Japan, Hong Kong and China, which are subsidiaries of Brim hf. These companies, all operating under the name Icelandic, handle the sale of high-quality seafood from Iceland and intend to, among other things, use the Icelandic brand in the sale and marketing of marine products from Icelandic raw materials incollaboration with Icelandic fisheries companies.

Sale of Omega-3 + astaxanthin fish oil started in the USA

A contract has also been reached with the Greenwood Group in the US, focusing on sales, management, and distribution of various products, including Icelandic wild fish oil, produced by SagaNatura. Greenwood has been a trusted partner inbuilding successful brand sales and distribution channels in the US. Icelandic wild fish oil is now available through Amazon and select retailers. SagaNatura is aninnovative biotech business based in Iceland. It produces the additive astaxanthin that is rich in nutrients and Omega-3, for blending into high-quality Icelandicf ish oils.

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Thorkell Sigurlaugsson, chairman of the board of IcelandicTrademark Holding ltd:

“Strong brands are essential in international marketing. The ICELANDIC trademarks have been synonymous with premium quality, high standards, and sustainablyc aught wild fish for decades. The retail sale of fish oil in consumer packagingand the sale of seafood in Asia under the ICELANDIC brand is an important milestone for the ICELANDIC brand and a great addition to our long-standing and successful collaboration with High Liner Foods in North America and before that with many Icelandic seafood companies and with Iceland Seafood and Iberica in Spain and Southern Europe.

For Icelandic Trademark Holding ltd., the cooperation with Promote Iceland is a perfect fit. Promote Iceland is taking over the marketing, promotion,and protection of the ICELANDIC brand in foreign markets.  It goes hand in hand with Promote Iceland’s mission to support the ICELANDIC brand as a trademark for high-quality Icelandic seafood and increase the export of Icelandic seafood with quality and sustainability as the prime objectives.

Sara Lind Thrudardottir, the CEO of Icelandic Trademark Holding, has decided to step down to pursue other ventures. I want to thank Sara Lind for her relentless work and dedication to ICELANDIC. For the next few month’s she will assist Promote Iceland as needed with the transition.”

Pétur Þ. Óskarsson, CEO of Promote Iceland:

“It´s an exciting task for us at Promote Iceland to take over the daily management of the ICELANDIC brand, which has a long and successful history, dating back 70 years. We will do our utmost to continue providing excellent service to the companies that have already used the trademark for a long time. A strong brand and awareness of the quality of Icelandic products and services will open up new channels for other Icelandic products. ICELANDIC is a compelling trademark that signals quality and pure Icelandic origin, which has tremendous future potential.”

For further information please contact Pétur Þ. Óskarsson tel. + 354 8636075, Thorkell Sigurlaugsson tel. +354 6206222 and SaraLind Thrudardottir tel. +354 8528804.


The trademark ICELANDIC is owned by Icelandic Trademark Holding ltd., which is owned by the Icelandic government. The company´s objective is to increase the value of Icelandic seafood and improve marketing access to foreign markets based onq uality, sustainability, and origin from Icelandic waters. Different industries use various versions of the ICELANDIC trademark.  

Promote Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in foreign markets and stimulate economic growth through increased export. The objective of Promote Iceland is also to support the introduction of Iceland´s history and culture, image, and reputation.

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