Open-faced Sandwich with the freshly caught and cooked Prawns

Freshly caught Icelandic prawns are very popular among Icelanders

The harbour in Hafnarfjörður has long been considered one of our best naturally made harbours in Iceland.

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Open-faced Sandwich with Prawns

400 g Icelandic prawns, cooked
1 slice sourdough bread
2 T lemon mayo (see below)
Handful of mixed herb greens
Herbs to garnish (Italian parsley, chives, etc.)

Start by peeling the Icelandic shrimp and put aside. Slice a nice piece of sourdough. Assemble open-faced sandwich by dressing bread with lemon mayo, adding herb greens and shrimp and garnishing with fresh herbs. Perfect for enjoying by the harbour.

Lemon Mayo 
100 g mayo
Quarter lemon,
zest and juice
Mix and season with with sea salt.

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