Rich Flavor White Wine Sauce

White wine, butter and cream sauce

This sauce goes with most fish dishes. Let’s face it – white wine, butter and cream can elevate almost anything.


1 large onion, chopped finely
1 bay leaf
1 cup butter
1 cup heavy cream
1⅔ cups white wine
Fish and chicken bouillons to taste
Whole white pepper

1 / 2
2 / 2


Step 1
Chop the onion and sweat in sauce pan. Add bay leaves and a few corns of white pepper.

Step 2
Cube the butter and set a side. Add the white wine to the sauce pan and let it boil. Reduce by ⅔. Pour in the cream and bring to boil. Once the base is boiling, add a few cubes of butter to the base and stir until melted. Repeat until all butter has been added. When the butter has melted, make sure not to boil the sauce for too long, unless it’s runny: then boil it to reduce. If the sauce is still too runny, add corn starch mixed with water to the sauce pan. Add fish or chicken bouillons to taste, for more flavor.

This sauce is a fantastic as is, but it’s also great as a base for other sauces. Try adding, dill, basil or other spices and play with the flavor.

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