The Raw Power of Icelandic Nature

Open-faced Sandwich on Geothermal Rye with Herring and Eggs

The chef Haflidi is preparing some traditional Icelandic rye bread with pickled herring and boiled eggs. Using only the geothermal powers Iceland has to offer to bake the bread and to cook the eggs.

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Generally, hot springs and geysers exist near volcanic areas and the water is hot because of the proximity of magma. Iceland which has many active volcanoes due to Iceland‘s location on the mid-Atlantic Ridge. 13 of 30 active volcanic systems in the country have erupted since the settlement of Iceland.


Open-faced Sandwich on Geothermal Rye with Pickled Herring and Eggs
Makes 2 open-faced sandwiches
1 loaf geothermal rye bread baked in a hot spring (see below)
20 g butter
100 g pickled herring with onions
2 eggs
1 T chopped chives

Prepare bread according to instructions below. Cook eggs in geothermal hot spring until hard boiled (13 min). Remove bread from ground,
unwrap and slice. Make open-faced sandwich by spreading bread with butter, then top with herring, cooked egg and chopped chives.

Geothermal Rye Bread
4 cups rye flour
2 cups white flour
2 cups caster sugar
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 liter milk

Mix dry ingredients well, add milk and mix until dough forms.
Place in mold greased with butter and seal very well. Bake in a geothermal hot spring for 24 hours or at 100°C in oven for 24 hours.


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