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Our partners

We value our relationships and have entered into licensing agreements with leading companies in the seafood industry.

Icelandic Ibérica

Icelandic Ibérica is part of Iceland Seafood International.  Icelandic Ibérica was established in 1996 and is today the leading supplier of lightly salted cod from Iceland to the Southern European market.  The company has production sites and offices in Malaga, Barcelona and Vigo in addition to multiple smaller sales offices in Spain and Italy servicing over 4,000 customers in five countries.  Icelandic Ibérica is an exclusive licence holder for high-quality frozen seafood products sold through food service channels in Southern Europe.

High Liner Foods

With total revenues of over $1 billion, High Liner Foods is the leading North American processor and marketer of value-added frozen seafood throughout the United States and Canada. High Liner Foods is an exclusive licence holder for the ‘Icelandic Seafood’ brand for high quality frozen seafood products sold through food service channels in US, Canada and Mexico.

Saga Natura

Saga Natura is a dynamic Icelandic biotech company focusing on development, production and export of health products from premium Icelandic ingredients.  SagaNatura is the producer of premium fish oil currently being sold on the US market under the Icelandic brand.  The fish oil is neutral-tasting and is produced from Icelandic pelagic fish.  Products include pure and flavoured fish oil, astaxanthin and specific smoothie boosters.
Go to to read more about our Icelandic Wild Fish Oil products.

Become a partner

Partnership criteria

We strive to make sure that only the very best products bear the Icelandic name. Our rigorous application process is designed to ensure that the brand value remains consistent and trustworthy.

All our suppliers have to comply with EU certification standards, and our partners never sell products of endangered species.

To be eligible, we ask that you meet these requirements:
  • Established operation with proven track record (selected markets/products), open to development, innovation and growth opportunities.
  • Already uses recyclable packaging to the greatest possible extent (EC Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive compliant, as minimum standard).
  • Willing to conduct regular quality reviews, provide reports, and accept random audits (to ensure integrity of Icelandic brand).
  • Willing to comply with Icelandic brand and quality requirements.

Become a partner


The steps to take

The brand license allows you to use the Icelandic and/or Icelandic seafood brands on your products, given that you fulfil certain requirements.

  1. Evaluate our requirements on our website and then move on to the application section.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit your application for review.
  4. Develop business plan and KPIs.
  5. Negotiate brand license pricing.
  6. Launch products in licensed categories and areas.
  7. Work closely with your brand manager and HQ, including how to extend the business.

Become a partner

Next steps

Fill out the contact form and send us your details. We will look at what kind of partnership could work best, then negotiate plans, define objectives and then finalise the brand license.

Become a partner