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Icelandic and Icelandic Seafood are global brands that have been at the forefront of premium seafood products for more than 75 years. We are firm believers in our products and want to give consumers a platform to learn even more about the pure and delicious seafood from Icelandic. Welcome to Live Icelandic.

We’re active social media users and have sourced Icelandic recipes, methods and stories for any palate. Find us on Facebook and Instagram under @LiveIcelandic and join the community.

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If you want to be sure that your fish and seafood comes from a sustainable environment – if it’s Icelandic, you know that quality is a top priority

Icelandic products

Icelandic products

Our mission is to become the beacon of unrivalled quality

A series of global trends have created a need for a beacon of quality in the fish and seafood industry. That is why we keep working towards uncompromising quality.


Our suppliers are required to follow our standards and requirements. The Icelandic fisheries management system must be respected and quality checks are random and mandatory.


We always aim to fully utilise our catch and limit waste. Therefore, we include seafood-related products in our offerings. These products include supplements that include beneficial fish oils and meet the needs of a growing sector.

Icelandic has launched its new line of Wild Fish Oil Smoothie Booster supplements! The healthy oils are flavorless and odorless and support brain, eye, heart, endurance, skin and immune health. The Wellness Smoothie Booster AX™, Stamina Smoothie Booster AX™ and Daily Wellness AX™ can be added to fruity or hearty smoothies for a healthy burst. Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

Icelandic ™’s new Smoothie Boosters are available on Amazon.
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