Why choose icelandic


As an international brand with a history of over 75 years, we are the perfect partner for accessing premium, sustainable, Icelandic seafood. We offer access to quality producers and a brand that is trademark-protected, as well as marketing and operational support.

Great potential

Our partners have access to a growing portfolio and a distinctive, world-class brand that reflects current global trends. In terms of a powerful origin story and compelling narrative, ‘Icelandic’ is hard to beat.

Our exclusivity licenses are flexible and efficient, tailored to suit your objectives. You tell us about your business needs, and we’ll help you to identify a level of partnership involvement and a pricing model that will deliver what you’re looking for.

What does exclusivity mean?

The exclusivity element of our brand partnerships means that you can fully exploit the potential of your agreed markets and products with confidence and without potential conflicts.

Why choose icelandic

Our standards

We are selective in our partnerships and aim to work with established businesses with a proven track record and a socially responsible approach that’s closely aligned with our brand values.

Icelandic has always had unique access to top quality, sustainable seafood resources from suppliers throughout Iceland. Our methods have been shaped by the deepest respect for our environment and as the number of our partners has grown over he years, we have insisted on the implementation of the same Icelandic principles worldwide. We hold ourselves to high standards, too. We are working with a protected trademark that it synonymous with our country name, which means that a whole country’s image and credibility is both behind the license and on the line.

We are a government-owned entity, which means we must adhere to legal and ethical standards in all our work.

Why choose icelandic

What we offer

At glance

  • Affiliation with an internationally renowned brand, with a registered and protected trademark.
  • Access to extensive industry knowledge and experience, quality assurance and export assistance.
  • Access to premium, sustainable, fully traceable Icelandic products, as part of a wide and growing portfolio.
  • Access to extensive global network of processing, sales & marketing companies.

Brand and
marketing support

  • Sales and marketing support (including PR and social media).
  • Sales and marketing material, including presentations (wholesale and retail).
  • Assistance with packaging and label designs.
  • Concept video and brand manual.
  • Support from a dedicated Icelandic brand manager.

Live Icelandic

Live Icelandic is the social media marketing arm of Icelandic Trademark Holdings. Through our platforms, we curate and create content that appeals to end users of sea food and related products.

The purpose is to introduce the quality of Icelandic seafood products. Through our Facebook and Instagram channels, we highlight Icelandic recipes, include interesting information about Icelandic culture and traditions, find and bring attention to restaurants that serve Icelandic seafood, and more. We produce content that is either written, photographed or filmed, or a combination of these, and always strive to create interesting and eye-catching assets that highlight the quality of Iceland, the Icelandic brand and Icelandic seafood.

All franchise holders and official Icelandic partners can make use of content created for Live Icelandic. Click here to discover Live Icelandic content.

Why choose Icelandic

Frequently asked questions

What is Icelandic Trademark Holdings?

Icelandic Trademark Holdings (Icelandic) is a public owned company and brand owner and licensor of the 'Icelandic' and 'Icelandic Seafood' brands. Icelandic is committed to promote and increase the export value of Icelandic Seafood as a category, via exclusive brand licensing.

Why should I partner with Icelandic?

Our partners can brand their Icelandic seafood and seafood-related products with a trusted and globally recognised brand to authenticate the country of origin and provenience. Partners also get access to marketing material, marketing support and relevant market insights, and can leverage the Icelandic name, known for purity, sustainability and quality.

How do I become a partner?

To become a partner, first check to see if you meet the standards we set for both our partners and ourselves. You can see the requirements and steps to take by clicking here.