Icelandic is a trusted symbol of quality across the world. We stand for premium seafood products, sustainably sourced from Icelandic waters.

An internationally
renowned brand,
serving immaculate
Icelandic quality.

Built on 75 years
of history, known
internationally for
its superior quality.

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PRESS RELEASE 2nd July 2020
ICELANDIC brand to combine efforts with Promote Iceland
Promote Iceland will oversee the management of the trademark and brand ICELANDIC and ICELANDIC SEAFOOD from July 1st onwards. Read more>

Built on 75 years of history, Icelandic Seafood is known throughout international markets for its superior quality.

An internationally renowned brand

Icelandic Trademark Holding is the owner of the “Icelandic” and “Icelandic Seafood” brands, managing all marketing for the brands in addition to providing various services to selected licensing partners.

We are recognised as purveyors of the finest quality. Products bearing the Icelandic brand clearly communicates its country of origin to consumer. Buying Icelandic seafood is a symbol of quality that is trusted by restaurants and retailers the world over.

The company’s primary licensing partners are Icelandic Iberica in Spain and High Liner Foods in North America, which both sell high-quality seafood products under the “Icelandic Seafood” brand. All products sold are subject to strict quality standards and quality control, resulting in a leading position of the brand in seafood.