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A brand for premium seafood

The global brands “Icelandic” and “Icelandic Seafood” were established in 1942. Icelandic Trademark Holding, a government-owned Icelandic company, is the “Icelandic” brand's owner and licensor.

Our brand stands for premium seafood products, sustainably sourced from Iceland’s clean waters. With decades of experience in the international fishing industry, the Icelandic Brand (referred to as "Icelandic" for brevity) has strong ties with the Icelandic Seafood Industry. As a nation built on fishing, our history is tied to the purity and bounty of the clear, cold waters surrounding Iceland. For centuries we have sustained ourselves with pristine quality fish and seafood. For Icelanders, quality fish is a given. We accept nothing less than the freshest, most succulent prime fish and seafood, with an unrivaled depth of flavor. Fishing is the cornerstone of Iceland's economy, culture, cuisine, and identity.

Concept trailer for the brand Icelandic.