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Policy and Strategy

I. The purpose of Icelandic Trademark Holding ehf.

  • Icelandic Trademark Holding ehf. (ITH) owns the Icelandic and Icelandic Seafood brands. The Icelandic state owns the company, but Business Iceland (Íslandsstofa) oversees operations.
  • ITH's policy is to increase the value and facilitate market access of Icelandic seafood and other Icelandic export products and services in foreign markets based on quality, sustainability, and origin.
  • The focus of ITH's operations is to market materials and other specific projects to create maximum value for the brand.
  • The company's goal is for Iceland's premium products to be globally recognized among restaurants, retailers, and consumers who rely on exceptional quality.

II. Trademark of Icelandic Trademark Holding ehf.

  • The Icelandic brand launched almost eight decades ago as quality branding to strengthen the recognition of Icelandic seafood. Valuable knowledge, insights, and networks have been established through the Icelandic brand to market seafood abroad.
  • The brand has a strong positioning in foreign markets and is associated with Icelandic nature, quality, and traditions. Long-term, the brand intends to be a quality designation for Icelandic seafood and other export products and services in foreign markets.
  • The Icelandic brand stands for sustainability, Icelandic origin, and premium quality.
  • Producers can utilize the vast knowledge and experience gathered around the Icelandic brand, fulfilling specific quality requirements trusted by restaurants, retailers, and consumers worldwide.
Registration of trademarks ITH
  • ITH trademarks are registered in select countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • New trademarks are in accordance with:
    - Intended use of the trademarks.
    - The primary focus market for Icelandic seafood and related products.
    - Registrations are based on ITH's core business, such as Icelandic seafood, related products, and services.
ITH Trademark Protection
  • Monitoring of registrations
  • Monitoring of use.
  • The word Icelandic is only registered on the US market.
  • ITH does not oppose using the adjective "Icelandic" unless its use poses a significant risk of potentially confusing for the licensee

III. Partners

Conditions that ITH licensees must meet:

  • Production of marine products and related products from Icelandic jurisdiction free of potentially harmful additives. All production and the value chain as a whole must be subject to the regulations regarding sustainability, social responsibility, and in harmony with nature and the environment.
  • All producers and their products must comply with appropriate standards and regulations.
  • Manufacturers must comply with ITH trademark guidelines.
  • Licensees must carry out regular and strict quality control measures and submit reports to the ITH. The entire supply chain must also be transparent and receptive to periodic inspections by ITH or third parties.
  • All packaging materials must be as environmentally friendly as possible. Parties must strive to minimize the environmental footprint throughout the entire value chain.

IV. Agreements of Icelandic Trademark Holding ehf.

Guidelines for completing contracts with ITH:

  • That the company's agreements promote increased exports of marine products or other products as applicable.
  • That the company's agreements are conducive to ensuring equal market access for Icelandic companies to foreign markets.
  • That the benefits of the company's contracts flow to strengthen the brand and the general brand perception, if applicable.

Policy and Strategy (pdf)