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Icelandic Trademark Holding

Icelandic Trademark Holding is a government-owned Icelandic company, and the owner and licensor of the “Icelandic” and “Icelandic Seafood” brands. Our story.

Board of directors

Auður Björk Guðmundsdóttir Chairman
Birna Hafstein
Hrafn Hlynsson
Páll Ásgeir Guðmundsson

Managing Director: Sigríður Ragnarsdóttir Contact us

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Policy and Strategy

ITH's policy is to increase the value and facilitate market access of Icelandic seafood and other Icelandic export products and services in foreign markets based on quality, sustainability, and origin. Read more


Bjargargata 1, 102 Reykjavík, Iceland
Tel. 00354 511 4000

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