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Empowering Iceland's seafood industry

Icelandic's mission is to increase the export value and facilitate market access to Icelandic seafood products by focusing on its premium quality, sustainability, and Icelandic origin.

As a government-owned entity, we take great pride in representing and empowering Iceland's seafood industry, protecting the environment, and preserving our fishing heritage. We provide our partners access to leading global seafood brands and brand assets through exclusive licensing agreements. Our partners will receive marketing support, materials, and tools for communicating the Icelandic brand and all the quality products it represents. Our priority is to provide exceptional fish and seafood products that exceed our retailer's and restaurants' needs and appeals to discerning consumers globally.

All profits will be reinvested in marketing and special initiatives to support, develop, and position Icelandic premium quality seafood as a leader and maximize the use of Icelandic seafood products.