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The Icelandic way: sustainability and authenticity = premium quality


No matter where our worldwide network partners operate, all of our suppliers are focused on providing top choice, sustainably caught Icelandic products. The core of our business model depends on the health of the Atlantic Oceans and doing our utmost to preserve the environment and our fishing livelihood.

Today's modern fishing industry revolves around the sustainability of fish stocks and maximizing our business's efficiency. Our partners only source fish from Icelandic sustainable fisheries and farms and never sell endangered or protected species. Our full product range of fish and seafood is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and Iceland Responsible Fisheries. We guarantee the sustainability and traceability of all of our products with full transparency for our customers.

Part of our process is to ask rigorous and challenging questions for our entire industry. How can we maximize our catch with as few vessels as possible? How can we be more energy efficient in supply and production processes? Where can our business reduce its carbon footprint? How can we make the most of every single fish that is processed? How can we increase recycling while reducing waste? As a fishing nation, we play a crucial part in a natural, balanced ecosystem. Therefore, the Icelandic brand's design expresses an honest approach to connect and remind us of the sea and the elements of our natural environment.


We have stories to tell. Our fishing tradition is a source of national pride. Almost every Icelander can make a family connection to someone who has made a living from the seas. Today, we work closely with our partners to emphasize the story behind the women and men who harvest these rich and nutritious marine resources. Since settlement times, Icelandic fish has been traded far and wide. You can find salted, dried, canned, frozen, and fresh Icelandic fish around the world. From street vendors in Lisbon to open-air markets in Lagos and fine restaurants in Beijing to Denver, you may be surprised to find our fish! Icelandic fishing fleets braved the treacherous North Atlantic during World War II, their catch helping to feed Allied Forces. Icelanders have fought to protect their nautical boundaries and rights to maintain their fishing resources.

Today's fishing fleets have progressed a long way from wooden rowboats and pungent-smelling oilskins. Modern fishing methods and processing techniques have changed thanks to technology and development in materials. However, no matter how fishing changes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and integrity more than ever. We base our integrity on facilitating efficient, profitable fishing methods that are environmentally sensitive and provide our customers with the highest quality Icelandic fish and seafood.

Premium quality 

Our partners are focused on supplying the most delicate, exceptional quality fish and seafood on the market. Such outstanding products deserve service that reflects the pristine quality of the fish and seafood we provide. Our partners rigorously implement global quality standards to ensure each product meets or exceeds local food safety standards where each partner operates.

Quality is our priority. All our partners' fresh fish is brought to market quickly and efficiently through a well-established and modern logistical network. Frozen products are only frozen once, directly on board the boat it is caught on. Our chilled, line-caught fish is second to none and can be traced throughout the value chain, often right on your mobile device. When it comes to frozen cod, haddock, shrimp, and shellfish, top professional chefs and restaurants worldwide count on our Icelandic partners for premium quality and a dependable partnership.